83 Braemar Drive

Located in one of the quieter heartlands of Singapore is 83 Braemar, a three story terrace house gracing a Bachelor’s spirit for adventurous living. Standing out distinctly in the day - its façade conceptualized as a mosaic of horizontal volumes mirroring the Purist style of the early 1900s, its volume dissipates into one of a gently illuminated silhouette exuding a comforting warmth long into the night

Everton Park

Everton Park is a residential project challenging the pre-conceived notion of subdued quality of living commonly associated with public housing in Singapore. Within the constraints of the client’s budget, the functionality behind the juxtapositions of spatial configuration, furniture and styled décor curated in the Mid-Century Modern Style is too a testament that impactful design need not be associated with luxurious expenses.