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Monocot takes joyous pride carefully curated aesthetics improvised across its numerous projects. Regardless of scale or program, consistency of Style is best framed in the identity of MONOCOT – characterized as a typology of botany species whose floral petals bloom in multiple of threes. Monocot believes in Design not as an unexplainable abstract, but as an aesthetical inspiration derived from the consistency of Natural Order, Proportion and Practicality practiced in the craving of intimate spaces to love and live in.


M i k a e l  T E H
With an avid knowledge and over 10 years experience in architectural and interior design in Singapore, Melbourne, South Asia and South East Asia, Mikael Teh holds a Bachelor of Architecture with honours from Melbourne University, Australia and had worked extensively on projects during his stint at SCDA and Forum Architects. Mikael s tour of duty at Studio Milou involved the restoration of the Singapore Art Gallery. He consequently founded Monocot back in 2009 where he dabbled no less in luxury projects based in the Maldives, upgrading assignments in Galle, Sri Lanka, commercial assignments for bars, bakeries and cafes; and even residential projects back on home turf. His recent endeavours to bring his brand of design has landed features and cover stories on publications such as ArchDaily, Design Anthology, Lookbox and Home and Decor.

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